Secret Sirens and Bettie Bangs



What a fantastic first week we've had!

Every gorgeous lady that comes to see me at Betty Noir, inspires me in so many different ways, we've got some very exciting and some quite risqué photo shoots planned for next week! We cannot wait to share the results with you all!


Anyway, back to the here and now! Remember our Secret Siren from our very first photo shoot on our opening day? Well, she received her prints from her shoot this morning. She is so happy with her photos,

she has agreed to let me share them with you all!

We went for a vintage styled boudoir shoot.

I'm sure you'll all agree, she looks divine!

You can see the rest of her photos from her shoot in our boudoir gallery.

If you fancy becoming a vintage siren too, then you can book one of our photo shoot packages in our online shop, prices start at just £28!

Image description
Image description
Image description

Make sure you keep a look out for the next blog!

There's so much happening here at Betty Noir Photography over the next two weeks.

We're so excited and cannot wait to share with you all!


I look forward to seeing you all rocking the vintage hair ties X

Image description
Image description
Image description

On Wednesday I finally managed to pop into Crows Feet in

Ross-on-Wye, and buy a couple of  vintage hair ties, to add to Betty's Closet (amongst some other little bits on bobs! Just love their vintage styled items!)

So of course I had to do a little hair tutorial for you all, showing you a few different ways to use your hair tie, including some fake Bettie Bangs (that's a fringe to you and I!)

To create these styles you will need:

- A vintage hair tie, £13,99 at Crows Feet.

- A small hair filler (rat), I used a small bun roll cut to make a 'U' shape. Just £1.99 for two at Primark.

- A small bristle brush (great for smoothing hair, but any comb or brush will do).

- Kirby grips.

- A hair tie.


As with most vintage hair styles you want to start with curly hair, as this makes the hair easier to roll.


Take a section  at the front, this will become your fake Bettie Bangs.


Using your rat roll this section of hair around the rat. Roll from underneath, towards the forehead, and pin in place.


Now all that's left to do is  run your hair tie underneath your remaining hair, and twist the ends to fix in place and form a bow.




You can also use the hair tie as a roll for your Bettie Bangs instead of a rat. Once rolled, fold the ends of the tie over the top of your fake fringe,

and twist together to secure.

Fold the ends of the tie over to form a bow.

Image description

Goodies from Crows Feet, Ross-on Wye. I have great plans for that book!

These next two looks use a side roll, but can also be worked with the Bettie Bangs.


Part your hair to one side, Quite far over to one side.


Brush this section through, so the curls fall together in one direction, making it easier to roll .


Roll this section under and towards your temple (this can be difficult if you have layers in your hair, just keep teasing the hair, any strays can be tidied up at the end).


Once rolled, gently fan the roll out along the side of your head. Pin in place, from inside the troll so all pins are hidden,


Brush the rest of you hair through so the curls clump together.


Using your hair tie, roll your hair around the tie. This time you roll the hair upwards., towards the nape of the neck. Try and keep the roll tight, so no hairs fall out of place..


Taking the ends of the hair tie, twist  them together at the top of your head, and tweak to form a neat bow.


The second look uses the same fringe roll. The rest of the hair is tied into a high ponytail.


Then pin the ponytail (just above the bobble) to the top of your head, creating a bouffant look.


Finish with your favourite vintage print hair tie.


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