Happy National Kissing Day!













Today is National Kissing Day, which is great because it means I get to try out a new red lip colour that I have read so many great reviews about.

We are massive fans of red lippy here at Betty Noir Studio, there's just something so timeless and classic about bold red lips.

It's a sexy colour that a lot of women shy away from,

but many women that do wear it often say it makes them feel more confident and empowered.


So what is this amazing lip colour I've heard so much about?

It's Lime Crime's Velvetines range, I opted for the Red Velvet shade, a deep, highly pigmented red, that's vegan and cruelty free.

I searched high and low trying to find somewhere online that had it in stock (it's very popular), and eventually found it on good old eBay!

I paid £16. a hefty sum for a lippy, but worth every penny!

This is the best lip colour I have ever used! It's long-lasting and waterproof  ( I only had to touch up once or twice, after eating oily foods.) It's a liquid lipstick that goes on with the ease of gloss but dries completely matte (I am not a gloss girl, so this is perfect for me). The colour was so vibrant and remained vibrant all day. I did find the applicator a little difficult to create a precision line at first, but soon got used to it.



It's officially my new favourite! Well done Lime Crime :)

How to : 1940s Style Manicure.






So we've covered the lips, and now I want to share with you my favourite manicure style.


I love to match my nails to my lip colour (generally always red!) as it gives a really polished, well put together look, and a style that I love so much is an oval 1940s tip, with a bare lunula (the half moon shaped white spot just in front of the cuticle) and the rest painted in a bold vibrant red.



There's an easy way to achieve this look at home, without breaking the bank, and I'm going to show you how.



You will need :

*Some paper hole reinforcement stickers (you can pick these up for less than a pound at most newsagents and office suppliers).

*Base coat, clear or a colour of your choice.

*Your favourite coloured nail varnish.

*A high gloss top coat.




-Give your nails a coat of clear or nude varnish, or a contrasting colour for a more modern take on the look (gold or black work well with red, but you can mix any two colours you like). Leave to dry fully.



-Place a sticker over the base of each nail, just covering the lunula, making sure the edges are pressed firmly down onto the nail.



-Paint the uncovered part of your nails in your chosen colour, and remove the stickers immediately after, before the varnish has dried, so you don't end up peeling the nail varnish off too. (It's best to done one hand at a time!)



-Once completely dry, use a high gloss top coat, to protect the varnish making it last longer, and to give your nails and expensive manicured look, for a fraction of the cost.





Leave to dry completely and then it's time to show off your fabulous vintage styled manicure, and paint the town red :)


So, I've bought a gorgeous new lipstick, I've done my 1940s style manicure and I have a an hour to kill......

I have all this studio and photography equipment to hand, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity to create some new self portraits.

Very self indulgent I know, but every girl deserves pampering every now and then and some lovely photos to document the good times and make you feel beautiful :)

and of course I had to use the burlesque feather dance fans while they're still here!


Just don't expect me to look like this when you show up for your photo shoots! :)





If you fancy treating yourself, and having some beautiful photos at the end of it, Betty Noir are currently holding a competition, for three ladies to win a 'Before and After' Makeover Shoot.

Just stop by our Facebook page and 'like' and 'share' our competition poster.

The lucky winners will be chosen at random and announced  on Facebook at 9pm this Sunday.

Good luck!

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Speaking of  our 'before and after' shoots, we have a very exciting, but top secret one happening tomorrow.

It's going to be a wonderful surprise for her hubby and family. Can't wait! x

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