So what's been happening this week at the Betty Noir Studio?


Well, besides choosing which flooring to lay in the studio, it's been a very busy week!

We've been gathering and shooting beautiful wardrobe pieces for you lucky ladies to wear on your photo shoots.

You can view our ever expanding wardrobe items on our Betty's Closet page.


We've also been editing the pic's from our photo shoot with the beautiful Gemma on Friday.

The end results evoke a feeling of real vintage, movie star glamour, something we really adore here at Betty Noir Photography.

We also managed to fit in time for a traditional Pin Up girl look, as well as some more modern day boudoir images.

You can check out more images from Gemma's shoot in our Boudoir and Pin Up galleries.

*Hair, Make up and styling all by Betty Noir.


If you too fancy becoming a Vintage Vixen, or traditional Pin Up girl, then why not venture onto our Shop page and browse through our photo shoot packages and sessions. Photo shoot sessions start from as little as £28! So there's something for everyone!


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, we look forward to hopefully meeting some of you, and sharing our thoughts and inspirations with you all, here at Betty's Blog x



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