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One of the many perks of my job is getting to meet so many truly beautiful ladies, and the last few weeks has been jam packed with them!

Remember our launch day Pin Up Poster shoot giveaway? Well, Sunday was the day that our gorgeous winner Jo came to the studio for her shoot :)

We gave her a perfect pin up makeover. Curling her hair with velvet covered, heated rollers (a must have for any vintage look!) and then styled into victory rolls. Makeup was kept pale and flawless, with black eyeliner, and false lashes, just a hint of pink on the eyes and cheeks, perfectly sculpted brows to frame her beautiful face, and ruby red lips to finish, transforming her into a stunning vintage pin up girl, a look she was made to wear! I was blown away by how gorgeous this lady was!

Everyone always starts the shoot a little nervous, not sure of what to expect, but Jo was soon posing like a professional, as I guided her through various poses. You can check out some of Jo's photos on our Facebook page, and I'm sure there will be more to come, as we both struggled to choose our favourites!













These last two weeks it's been makeover mayhem at Betty Noir Studio, as we began our before and after makeover shoots. We just love seeing the transformation of these beautiful women, into divine, glamorous ladies. A real feast for the eyes!

We hope you've enjoyed seeing them as much as we have creating them!

There are just two more ladies to makeover, both wanting different styles, we cannot wait to treat them both to a makeover and photo shoot, a great way to remind themselves just how gorgeous they really are :)


You can view the rest of our before and after makeovers on our Facebook page.

If you fancy treating yourself to a makeover shoot, a makeover in any style you want, then just visit our on-line shop, where you can purchase a makeover shoot for just £40! That's including hair and makeup!!













So what else could have possibly happened this last week?! Besides before and after makeovers, and pin up poster photo shoots?

We also had a gorgeous redhead in the studio, who travelled two and a half hours just to come and see us a Betty Noir Photography! Always so flattered at how far some of you are willing to travel, to pay us a visit :) and boy are we glad she did!!

Such beautiful long red hair, enough to make us all green with envy.















Image description







To top off this exciting week, we also found some of our photos had been published in Modern Vintage Magazine! Can you believe, we launched Betty Noir Photography just over two weeks before?! and already our photos of you vintage vixens are popping up in magazines! I can barely contain my excitement, as I do a little dance of joy around the studio :D

and already our Facebook page is nearing  250 likes! So here's my question to all you Betty followers out there.... how shall we celebrate when we reach the 250 mark? What would you like?  A makeover shoot giveaway? Another Pin Up Poster giveaway? Or something entirely different? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below, post on our Facebook wall, or send us a private message or email, what is it that you would like, to help us celebrate reaching 250 likes so quickly?

Something we can do to say thank you for all your support :) x

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