Victory Rolls and Roses


It's been a week filled with beautiful makeovers, from Geisha to vintage gorgeousness.

But before we discuss the secrets behind our latest photo shoots, just a quick update on the renovations at Betty Noir Studio.

So we're in the final stages now! The stunning dark wood floor is being laid, and once the skirting board is done, it's time for me to work my magic with the finishing touches, before we officially open our doors to the public :)

We'll be having a launch day competition, where one of you will win a Pin Up Poster Package Photo Shoot, worth £100. This package includes full vintage styled hair and makeup and an A2 professional quality poster print of your favourite photo from your shoot. Fully retouched and airbrushed to pin up perfection.

Keep an eye out here on our blog and our Facebook page so you don't miss out on this fantastic giveaway!


So the week began with a fun photo shoot with the lovely Jan. We tried to cover all bases with Jan's shoot. We started with traditional portraiture, then moved onto a more glamorous vintage style, and finishing with a fun creative Geisha styled look. With stunning results.

If you too would like to have a magical day in the Betty Noir Studio, creating your very own memories. We are now taking bookings, from Friday 17th May. You can book here in our

on-line shop, simply request your chosen date/s and time upon checkout, and we will get in touch to confirm your booking.








This week also brought a wonderful vintage styled shoot with the beautiful Alice.

We started with a more fun girly look, using traditional pin up style poses, and a pretty dress with underskirt, for that classic cute, flirty pin up girl look.

Alice is blessed with a truly stunning pair of legs,

so we made the most of these with her poses, kicking her legs up in the air, (that's right ladies! Not only do you get a full makeover and photo shoot when you visit Betty Noir Studio, you also get a free work out!)


The second part of Alice's photo shoot we created a classic vintage look, with victory rolls and a flawless makeup look, using soft pinks and corals, and of course, a classic black eyeliner flick, to strengthen the look.

Teamed with a soft pink, ruffled blouse, and classic pencil skirt with paisley print, and not forgetting to accessorise with vintage pearls. Alice looked divine!



You can see more from Jan and Alice's photo shoots in our galleries and on our Facebook page.



Get the look!


Alice's classic vintage look is a perfect look for weddings, christenings, and even if you just fancy looking glam in the office!

We all instantly fell in love with this style here at Betty Noir Studio.

So we're going to show you a quick tutorial on how you can recreate this 1940s style, with classic victory rolls.




Image description

1940s Victory Rolls

Image description
Image description
Image description
Image description
Image description
Image description

This style may take a couple of attempts to perfect, but it's definitely worth it!



You will need -


-A fine tooth comb.


-Plenty of hair pins, ideally a mix of long and short ones.


-Hair padding, I used a bun roll cut open to make a U shape, perfect for this look. (ladies in the 1940s used to collect the hair they brushed out, and using a hair net and pins would make their own fillers).




To make styling this look a little easier always start with curled hair, as rolling will be a lot easier.


1. Part your hair to the side, and then section each side, from the top of your head to the top of your ears. These two sections are going to make the top two victory rolls.


2. Taking the first section, back comb lightly and then smooth the outside gently with a comb. Spritz with hairspray so hair keeps it's fullness and upright position.


3. Start to roll the hair inwards (lightly combing the ends together before you start to roll will help the curl form in one direction, making rolling easier.)


4. Once you have rolled down to the roots, gently fan the roll out down the side of your head and pin in place. Use the longer hair pins, and place on the inside of the roll so they are hidden from view. Lightly comb any strays into the roll and hairspray to keep in place.


Repeat this process on the other side.


Hair can be worn half up, half down for a less formal look. Or you can follow this final step for dramatic vintage sophistication and glamour.


5. Brush the remaining hair back smoothly, and using the hair filler, placed on top of the hair, roll your hair up towards your head, making sure the ends of the filler aren't on show. (You may find it helps to pin the ends of your hair to the filler before rolling. If you have beautiful long,  thick hair like Alice, you may not need to use a filler.)


Once rolled pin in place, using the smaller hair pins. Pin downwards into the roll, so all pins are hidden from view.

Tidy any strays and hairspray to hold in place.



Hair can be finished with a flower, or a fascinator for a more formal occasion.



Now go and wow everyone with your beauty

and impeccable vintage style x 





So, that's how we roll, here at Betty Noir Studio.

Why not send me some pics of your victory rolls,

we'd love to see you all looking like vintage vixens!

You can get in touch by email hannah@bettynoirphotography.co.uk 

or via our Facebook page.


Wishing you all a very sunny, fun filled weekend X

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